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Amazing 4 ways of using OLX clone and Craigslist clone that are useful to entrepreneurs in their classifieds start-up

classifieds start-up

Are you struggling to find a way to start your online classifieds business? So, if your response is affirmative, then the discussion in our article is helpful as well as useful to you as an entrepreneur, which will provide a complete guide to jump-start your online classifieds start-up. We all have witnessed a change in the classifieds industry right from early days, due to the advancement in digitization as well as in computer science and information technology sector.

So, in the starting phase or years of online classifieds, a variety of verticals such as matrimonial services and opportunities for jobs has helped the transition of consumers from newspapers to an online medium. This is because millions of people globally are using the online medium known as the internet frequently for availing various online services and products. So, nowadays, the consumers are moving to a more classified platform, that will address their multiple needs much faster at a single place. So, in this regards, there is an immense need for classified softwares among various businesses globally to sustain in the classified market.

So, as an entrepreneur, if you want to grab this opportunity and make a huge amount of profit out of it with a means of your start-up in the field of online classifieds industry, then you can use classified script, which will turn out to be an ideal platform for you to get started with your own niche business. So, now we will go further in our discussion towards various ways of using craigslist clone and OLX clone which are useful to entrepreneurs in their classifieds start-up at the global level.

So, now, here in this article we will discuss several features of craigslist clone script and OLX clone script which are an ideal classifieds script that will act as useful ways for entrepreneurs to boost-start their online classified business.

Features of Craigslist clone

1) Post an advertisement feature

So, here comes the best feature of craigslist clone which is one of the online classified softwares, that is to post free advertisements. So, this unique feature will allow your users to post as well as schedule their advertisements as per their niche needs and requirements and also access the list of their schedules of advertisement posting with the help of this PHP classified script.

2) Mail sender

With the help of this unique feature of craigslist clone script, your users will be able to send emails to the different other users at the same instance of time. So, the admin will introduce advanced tools to your users where they can mention the number of accounts they wish to send an email at a particular time instance with the help of craigslist clone.

3) Scraper feature

This is one of the most important features of craigslist clone script which is scraper feature. The admin of craigslist clone will allow the global users to scrape details as per their niche needs and requirements

4) Event calendar feature

You can cater your users with this exceptional feature where they can schedule their various events by using craigslist clone script. You can allow your users to schedule advertisements according to its category such as housing, community, jobs, for sale, and many more with the help of this PHP classified script.

Features of OLX Clone

I. Multiple ways to access the platform

With the use of this exceptional feature of OLX clone script, the admin will provide multiple ways to access the platform as well as different types of products and services. Your users can use the camera of their device to take photos of their product and then upload it to the main website with the help of OLX clone.

II. It has the support of a wider audience

So, when it comes to the case of classified advertisements, the audience is the spectacular factor indeed, so the admin will provide an intermediate platform that comprises of an innumerable amount of audience and also the availability of different multiple languages services with the help of OLX clone script.

III. Simple to create advertisements

You can cater your users with this unique feature of OLX clone script where they can easily create the advertisements of their product within a few clicks. So, in this perfect manner, they can give essential information about the product like description, name, images, and many more parameters accompanied by different methods to contact product seller by using OLX clone script.

IV. Intuitive user interface

This is one of the most important features of OLX clone script as per the global user’s point of view. The user interface gets designed in a way that an advertisement of a particular product gets created within a few clicks by using OLX clone. Hence, it will indirectly improve the customer engagement of your niche business.


So, here we conclude our discussion about various ways of using craigslist clone and OLX clone by an entrepreneur in their online classifieds start-up. So, this article and discussion are helpful for those companies, businesses, or organizations who would like to start their venture in the online classifieds industry.

So, here, at Ncrypted websites, we will offer you with a solution for your online classifieds business in the form of various clone scripts and Craigslist clone as well as OLX clone are two of them.. We have a team of highly, experienced, dedicated, and professional developers who created all our clone scripts right from scratch. All our clone scripts are customizable, so you can modify or customize it according to your niche business requirements and needs. For a more detailed discussion and precise information regarding customization facility in both craigslist clone script along with OLX clone script for your classifieds business, then you can feel free to contact our instant 24/7 customer support at Ncrypted websites.


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