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Best Features to Launch Classified Ads Platform

Classified ads are the fastest way to increase business and reach to consumers. It is also cost effective for the targeted audience.They can likewise effectively be focused to achieve an explicit demographic. You can say that Classified sites have a brilliant future as increase people are using the internet to search for products and services locally.

Recent studies demonstrate that classified advertisement platforms still play a huge role in attracting consumers to businesses. The main thing is, research from the Newspaper Association of America (NAA) says that “ 8 in 10 U.S. adults ( 80%) took action in the previous month as a result of seeing a newspaper advertising. In an average week,  ( 57 %) adults, say they have made a shopping decision based on a newspaper advertisement, whether in print or online. And when you consider how inexpensive it can be to place a classified advertise in some of the biggest national papers in the world, it just makes all kinds of sense to spend at least some of your advertising budget on classified advertisements.

We discovered that following features During our research it can help startup enablers to launch advanced classified ads website. First of all we have to understand the business model of classified ads platform and revenue generation method of classified ad platforms. Build your own classified ads portal like OLX! Classified ads platforms help people to list products and services for sale as well as those that are looking for items to purchase. Sites with ads are as of now a most loved classification of locales.

Business Model :

 business model

  • Anyone can list a product/service for sale.
  • Creating a listing is absolutely free.
  • Paid options to enhance your listing.
  • Buyers can see product pictures and other details without registering.
  • Buyer can directly get in touch with the seller.


Popular online classified platform


popular classified platform

  •  Gumtree
  •  Craigslist
  •  iLister
  •  OLX
  •  Flugpo

Features of sellers :

features of seller


Features of Buyers:

features of buyers


Classified Websites like OLX, Gumtree and Craigslist are the popular classified ads website in the world, and they have the most advanced features. If you have thought of launching a classified ads website, then, this is the perfect time to take action. However, make sure you hire an experienced team of designers and developers for your Craigslist Clone, OLX Clone, Gumtree Clone . or Else competing with popular ad listing platforms, it will have a difficult time.

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