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Craigslist Clone Features

User side

  • Search module

Here in this feature users are allowed to search their favorite or the ad they are looking for. This feature can be used with various sorting options like Search by Category, Search by Country, Search by Keywords, etc.

  • Post ads  module

This module is useful when any registered users want to add or post any ads to their dashboard; here users are allowed to add description, images, can set category, title, etc. related to their ads.

  • User Dashboard
    • Manage account setting

Here registered users can manage their personal profiles, like their name, company name, personal details, default message, profile picture, etc. This feature is useful when any visitor wants to see ad posting person’s personal details.

  • Manage Posted Ads

This feature is useful if user has posted any ads on their profile or on Craigslist Clone, Registered users can manage their ads from their user admin area. They can edit their posted ads like ads picture, description, title, etc.


Admin side

  • User management

Website Admin is able to manage every single part of the website. Here admin can manage all registered users, if admin want to remove any registered users he can do it from back end of the website. Complete User management can be done by admin from this part of the website.

  • Category management

There are number of categories available in the website, but still if any popular and mostly used category needed then website admin is able to do so from admin part of the website. Categories and sub categories can be added on the website from back end side of the website.

  • Ads management

This feature is one of the most useful features of the website because from here website admin is able to manage every single ad from admin area of the website. If any bad or harmful ad found on the website then admin is able to delete particular ad from admin part of the website.

  • Manage Static pages (CMS)

Every Website has their own static pages which are mostly used to introduce themselves so from this feature admin is able to manage particular page, like its content, images, category, etc. Admin is also allowed to disable any particular page if they want to hide from the website.

  • Manage Report post ( flag/ inappropriate content)

Craigslist Clone is a classified ad website so you can imagine that all business promoters and regular visitors will come to site and will post their ads. From this section of the admin area admin is able to block some kind of words or content from back end where users are not permitted to put such words in their content.

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