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Everything That You Need To Know About A Classified Business Platform


Classified platforms are gaining popularity along with the growth of ecommerce. The trend of online shopping has made many classified platforms popular like Craigslist and OLX. These are not just the platforms to shop, they also allow people to sell their goods and services online. To understand everything about a classified business, the business model and its features should be focused. Here you will find all that, which will lead you to get a perfect classified script.

Business Model of Classified Platforms

The business model of classified platforms is simply shorted. They do not charge for the core services but if a seller requires larger coverage for his/her advertisement then they need to opt for featured listing for which they need to pay a specific amount to the classified platform.

Another source of their income and an integral part of this business model is promoting paid advertisements through Google`s advertisement tools. You can also go with the same business model flow if you are planning to acquire a Craigslist clone or an OLX clone to launch your own classified platform.


Prime Features to Focus for a Craigslist Clone Script

Clarified Location Selection

A person coming to your PHP classified script should not get confused while searching and setting location. A confusing location selection facility might give the visitor a reason to leave. To avoid such problems, serve them with good user experience and convert them into a user of your OLX clone, you need to include an easy location searching and setting facility into your website. After all, the location part is the first step to put anything on sale or to buy something.

Meaningful Categorization

Each and every category set into your Craigslist clone script will help the buyers and sellers to reach the exact place. Showing other non-relevant products or services for a particular search would be worthless and that will also increase the bounce rate. Instead of suffering from such issues, it is better to categorize each product and service right from the beginning by providing a category list in buyer and seller areas.

Account Creation

Some common issue every PHP classified script will face during the operation of the classified business platform. One such issue is, spamming. To get rid of such issues and serve your users only with the original and relevant content, you need to take some preventional steps to stop spamming. Making the account creation mandatory is one of the solutions. It will help the admin to operate and manage the advertisements and other content posted by the users.

Ad Preview

Let the seller check their ads for as many times as they need before posting it. Ad preview is the feature that can help them with doing that. The ad preview feature will show the exact appearance of an ad that will be there right after posting it. So that the seller can make changes in advanced if they find anything problematic with the ad. Sellers should be facilitated with such features to keep them satisfied using your platform and to keep them engaged.

Apps for Mobile Users

You need to present your classified business on other platforms as well beyond targeting just the computer screens. It is good if you provide the facility of apps for different platforms like Android and iOS as people nowadays prefer handy devices more than the computers. The apps for different devices will also help your OLX clone to increase the reach of your business. The features should remain the same and the design should be responsive.

The popularity of online shopping is increasing and that makes an ideal environment to start a business with classified script. Handover your requirements of PHP script to an expert software development firm. Otherwise, it would be hard for you to beat competitors with your classified platform. NCrypted Websites will include all the advanced features that you want and will also include those are necessary to run a successful classified software in the smoothest possible way.

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