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How Does Kijiji Work for the seller?

Kijiji is an online classified advertising service that works as a centralized network of communities online. It allows the formation of online communities, based on city and region, where local advertisements can be pot up. The users on this website can post or search for classified ads to buy, sell, or rent almost anything. The items can range from cars, housing, jobs, and many more things. The websites are available in more than 100 cities in Canada and Italy. 

So now that the use of the website is clear and the origins understood, let’s talk about how does Kijiji work?

How does Kijiji work?

Because of it being a chief online classified site, universally present and mainstream, the operations of the site should be perceived to take a gander at how it arrived at its present potential. We should perceive how accomplishes Kijiji work for all the partners

How accomplishes Kijiji work for the seller?

Since it is an assistance to post online classified advertisements, sellers, or all the more fittingly, the clients giving the merchandise are a significant aspect of the site. The site can be utilized by the client to present promotions on offer stuff, to offer their types of assistance, offer exchanges with different clients, and even solicitation administrations and items. Also, presently given beneath are the means a client needs to take to post classified promotions on Kijiji.

Stage 1: Create a record

Before the client can post advertisements on the site, they have to make a record of the site and register. The client needs to have an email account with any of the well known email administrations, for example, Gmail, Yahoo, and so forth. And afterward fill in all the individual subtleties requested by the site.

Stage 2: Provide the title of the Ad

In the wake of choosing the post-promotion button accessible on the site, the client needs to type in the title of the advertisement. Furthermore, after the title is chosen the site would propose a class that would be suitable for the advertisement. The client has the alternative to choose a fitting principle classification and even a subcategory.

Stage 3: Add insights regarding the promotion

After the classification has been chosen, the client needs to include subtleties of the promotion. The subtleties incorporate the value, depiction of the thing, pictures, and recordings of the thing being referred to, and any extra highlights if essential. The subtleties should be included so it can expand the introduction that the promotion gets. The value point, the photos, or recordings you transfer, and the manner in which you present the promotion all assume a part in the accomplishment of your advertisement.

Stage 4: Select Ad type

In the event that the advertisement is for the client looking for something they need, they need to choose “I Want” under promotion type. The client can likewise choose either Free or Swap/Trade promotion type if the client wishes to part with the products for nothing or needs to play out a trade or exchange of merchandise and ventures through their advertisement. This permits the clients to not exclusively be left with one method of installment and along these lines extends the capacity of the site.

Stage 5: Select the area

Since the Kijiji site centers around expanding introduction on the nearby level, the area of the client is significant. Naturally, the site shows the overall territory of the client rather than the specific location. On the off chance that the client wishes to give their precise area their promotion, at that point the check the “Show my accurate area” box subsequent to entering the location.

Stage 6: Finding the correct purchaser

After the advertisement has been posted and is live on the site, different utilizations can utilize the informing highlight of the application to converse with you and talk about the promotion. What’s more, after the arrangement has been finished, the advertisement can be taken out from the site.

These are the fundamental stages one needs to go through to post a promotion on the site and make a deal or a trade of merchandise.

How does Kijiji make money?

Though understanding how the company works for its users is necessary, it is also essential to look at how does Kijiji make money. This would be your significant concern if you want to build a business similar to Online Classified Script like Kijiji.

There is a limit of 2 ads per account on the website, combined across most of the service categories. If the ad listing is for the following categories, then a listing fee by the seller is to be paid:

●      Moving and Storage

●      Automotive Services

●      Real Estate Services

●      Financial & Legal Services

And if the user wants to put up more than 2 ads then also listing fee has to be paid to increase the ad limits. And if the user does not want to pay separate listing fees for posting ads, then they can also pay for visibility packages. After paying for the visibility packages as long as the duration of the package lasts, the user does not have to pay listing fees for their ads.

If you’re willing to start your own online classified platform – you should go with our best Kijiji Clone which has customized features to let you roll with your own Classified Services.

Let us know if you have any questions regarding how does Kijiji work in the comment section below!

Let us know if you have any questions regarding how does Kijiji work in the comment section below!

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