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If You Want A Billion-Dollar Startup Idea, Take A Look At This classified software

The advance of the internet has democratized admission to the world of entrepreneurship. From virtually anywhere in the world (provided internet access), makers can launch real, viable businesses capable of generating millions of dollars a year.

Craigslist is a huge success because it provides a simple platform to sellers and works as a marketplace not only buying and selling stuff online but also a platform for people who are looking for a job as well as employers. If you live in a city (or nearby) with its own Craigslist page, you can easily buy and sell stuff online. There are many other usages of Craigslist but let us not divulge into those.

So, why is Craigslist such a huge success? The major cost of any company is used Advertisement. It is a major form of Marketing. For selling or even buying anything, one must come across an advertisement. This is what is provided by Craigslist. It provides a market wherein anybody could make an advertisement and list their items for free. This is one of the reasons why it is such a huge success.

How to build a website like Craigslist

If you’re thinking about how to build a website like Craigslist, you should reflect on two options: developing it from scratch and using open source solutions. Let’s consider the strengths and weaknesses of each approach.

Open source solution

To build a classified website based on an open source solution like WordPress, you need to create a website and add (usually buy) a theme with the functionality you want. If a theme doesn’t have a specific feature, let’s say a payment gateway, you can buy a plugin to extend the functionality of your website.


  • Price. You can launch a WordPress website almost for free (you need to pay only for a domain and hosting). Though beautiful design themes and additional plugins that are paid too and billed on a monthly basis.
  • Development time. Technically speaking, you don’t need to create or build anything. You can simply choose parts of your website like a puzzle. This process will take less time than developing from scratch.
  • No need for coding skills. Even if you don’t have any technical or coding knowledge, you’ll be able to launch a website. There are hundreds if not thousands of tutorials on this topic.


Challenges of building a website like Craigslist

From the technical point of view, it’s not that hard to clone the functionality and design of Craigslist. It’s much more difficult to attract users and retain them. Here are the main challenges you need to cope with when you create a website like Craigslist.

How much does it cost to develop a website like Craigslist

The development of a classified website like Craigslist can be very expensive if you decide to go with the development from scratch. Especially for startups that are always budget and time-limited.

RubyGarage team understands this pain point of startups. To efficiently cut down development time and costs, we’ve created a white label solution that has all the necessary feature modules to create a classified website that can satisfy all your business needs.

What is more, to make your product unique and branded, we can also develop additional features and create custom design to help your product stand out.

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